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Lori Benson

Welcome to Shine Brightly

We want to be your virtual uplines in the industry! The leaders you've always wanted!

About Me

I am honored you are visiting my community here to see what we are about.  I am a mom of two sons 26 & 21 and one new grandbaby!  I am also a wife to an incredible husband who works this business full time with me and he has been in the industry for many years as a full time network marketing professional.  We enjoy our life in Mississippi on our horse ranch and when we are not there we are usually at our beach property in Florida soaking up the sun.  We enjoy the time freedom this business has afforded us and we are on a mission to help others do exactly that.  Live life to the fullest! 

Why You Should Join Me

I have a heart for helping others, whether it be in the industry or through missions with my church, etc.  We believe we are blessed by God to pour back into others and we are committed to doing just that.  We show up daily and lead by example with our team and others we coach outside of our team. 

I have teamed up with 6 other women to provide you the best of the best coaching available in network marketing.  These ladies are leading the way daily by walking out what we do and coach!  They are successful women who have done this very organically and help others do the same.  We do not teach funnels, ads, etc - we teach the valuable ways to connect and create community among those who resonate with you. 

We will provide you with daily coaching and you will gain access to our private facebook community as well.  The value we will bring to the table here will blow you away!!  

We are condensing over 43 years of experience into this training PLUS the thousands upon thousands of dollars spent on training to help shorten your learning curve so that you see success sooner than later.

A Big Thanks

We will commit to you that we will show up DAILY to coach and support you here and we just ask that you be willing to be coachable and you will see life changing results. 

Thank you for your time today and we will see you on the inside!

Lori Benson

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